Identify Defining Keywords

Research into Keywords is a stand out among the most imperative, profitable, and exceptional yield exercises in the competitive field of Marketing. Research into keywords, not only allows you to decide which keywords need to be brought into focus with Search Engine Optimization, but also tells you a lot about the needs of your customers.
After extensive research in the industry, a valuable list of some specific keywords and key phrases gets developed. As a result of which it is made possible to utilize those keywords in a strategic way, so as to generate the maximal results.
Through keyword and key phrase research you can foresee shift demands, react appropriately to changing economic situations in the market, and produce the content and materials that people on the internet are generally looking for.

Meta tags
While developing the correct Meta tags can be quite complicated, they are highly crucial to ensuring that your website lands on the first search page on search engines and hence, Meta tags happen to be vital in the entire process of Search Engine Optimization. Our SEOs will strategically combine the <title>, <description>, and <keyword>, and develop the most favorable Meta tags to significantly increase the visibility of your web page. This entire process will be repeated for each and every single web page on your entire website. A significant amount of application of the above-mentioned factors is crucial towards ensuring the coverage of a wide array of keywords.

Competition Analysis

Because unless and until you do not stand in line with your competitors, your content will not attract the right amount of traffic. In order to stand out, this step happens to be highly crucial yet, it is often overlooked. It involves creating a comprehensive list of all your competitors in the market and then requires extensive observation their website(s). This will allow close analysis of all the different keywords and techniques that they are applying in order to promote their content. In case you happen to be highly dedicated towards your business, you must ensure spending a good number of days (minimum 2 days) to examine who your competitors are and the kind of techniques they are applying to attract new businesses to their website. This kind of inspection is also crucial for you in order to form a profound base, as a result of which the visibility of your website in search engines will increase. Thus, you will be able to attract more traffic and businesses in comparison to your competitors.


Benchmarking is more like a technique that companies use to analyze their statistics in comparison to their competitors in the industry. Organizations use benchmarking as an approach to become more focused. By taking a look at how different organizations are getting along, they can distinguish areas where they are failing to meet expectations. This process involves identification of your potential competitors followed by the development of comprehensive understanding about their achievements. This ultimately allows you to devise improvements for your website. Through the application of various analysis techniques, our entire Benchmarking process ensures that your website gets the right start, hence appearing on top ranking in the search engines.

Content Analysis
This process that begins on the homepage of the website is an examination and inspection of the content that needs to be included or improved, while still conveying the original meaning. All the content that is either included or improved, is search engine friendly and can be looked upon by anyone who types in the relevant keywords in the search engine.

Code Refining in HTML
Code Refining in HTML is a procedure of breaking down, investigating and settling HTML code for all your site pages simultaneously. Amid this procedure, all the undesirable code that is thought to be spam is expelled. During this process web site pages are physically refined, and the undesirable “HTML” code that consequently gets added during the creation of the website, is evacuate

Image Optimization (Alt Tags)
Image optimization carries the same importance as Meta tags do and is a highly crucial factor for attracting more visitors to your website, yet unfortunately, it often seems to be ignored during the implementation of SEO techniques.
Image optimization is basically, a process of image compression while making sure that the image quality and image resolution is not reduced, allowing them to load faster in search engines. Lower downloading time of images is something that most search engines consider. All big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, rank web pages based on their loading time, with the lower ones in the top ranking. Our Search Engine Optimization will compress the size of every image on your website while retaining their original quality, therefore, ensuring that your web page gets loaded quickly.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a path for individuals to store, sort out, pursuit, and oversee “bookmarks” of pages. It also allows users to save addresses to site pages that they like or need to share, utilizing a social bookmarking site to store these addresses. They are generally open, and can be seen by different individuals on the site where they have been put away.

Most social bookmark services are sorted out by clients applying “tags” or catchphrases to content on a Web website. This implies that different people can take a look at the bookmarks that are connected with a particular tag, and are enabled to see data about the number of people who have bookmarked them. As a rule, users can likewise give a remark or vote on bookmarked things.

There are several other popular terms that are used to refer to Social Bookmarking. Some of the more widely used terms are social tagging, social indexing, social classification, collaborative tagging, and folksonomy. Out of these terms, the most famous one “Folksonomy”, is a blend of the two words Taxonomy and folk. This suggests that the term folksonomy is basically a taxonomy that is generated by a group of people.

Article Submission

We carry out our article submission service manually, which is a good way of receiving backlinks. Now many other people tend to believe that because articles simply provide you with backlinks hence, the content present in them is not important. The content is a factor that is often overlooked, however, we make sure to submit unique and well-written content in order to attract more visitors to your website. We tend to submit articles to industry-specific websites or sites that have your industry domain as one of the categories. By article submission, our foremost aim is to provide you with a significant amount of traffic.

Our team provides you with premium quality articles with genuine content, in the following ways:

We ensure that all article submissions are carried out manually by our professionals.

After submission, we provide a detailed spreadsheet report.

We use regularly updated directories and have a directory list of more than 1000 active directories.

Our team provides you with a 24/7 active online support to tackle all your queries.

We also keep a full record of your submissions to provide you the best possible service.

Directory Submission

We also offer top-notch directory submission services involving submission to various directories, especially those that are relevant to your website. In order to get tabulated and classified in a search engine, a directory has to pass some specific criteria, as laid down by the search engine. Through extensive research, our professionals ensure that each and every submission that we make to a directory is done manually and that it isn’t blacklisted by the search engine. Manual submission is one of the most efficient ways to elevate your website in the search engine rankings and it is a well-tested fact manual submission tend to yield better results. Because customer satisfaction is our foremost concern, we submit websites only to high-quality directories after which, a report of submission is made available to our clients.

The key features of our directory submission services are:

Our professionals carry out manual submission to high-quality directories.

Systematic and well-ordered revision, validation of submission, and renewal.

More than 1600 directories for assembling links from.
We provide 24/7 customer support through telephone and email.
We prove full directory submission report to our clients.
High PR ranked links.

Link Building

Link building has a tremendous influence on how a web search engine positions your web page for keywords. Efficient utilization of relevant links to your web page from different sites will gigantically upgrade the stream of traffic. Making other more popular websites provide a link to yours, is indeed an extremely intelligent web marketing strategy to be sure. While it isn’t expensive, it is a highly useful and efficient tool to increase your search engine rankings.

Why are links so important?

Inbound linking happens to be crucial for driving a significant amount of traffic to your website. Generally, search engines tend to rank websites higher if they have links to other higher ranked, yet relevant websites. The prime focus should be on high-quality websites with rich content. High-quality websites happen to be a direct source of attracting traffic, as yield a greater amount of unmatched text links which will naturally raise your website’s ranking in the search engines.

If done properly, link building will increase your website’s popularity through the followings ways:
It will greatly increase the traffic that comes to your website.
It will highly elevate your visibility in search engines.
It will increase continuous web and telephone queries by great levels.
Being less expensive, it will reduce your advertising costs.

Where Do the Links Come From?

Every single link is a plain text that can without much of a stretch be easily read by all search engines. Implying that the content you’ll see on the page will comprise of one of your keywords with the first hyperlink having the name of your site URL in it.

Each and every Link is originally sourced by our team of professionals, while premium websites just are utilized for obtaining links. Every link is procured from listed, high page rank relevant websites that have content applicable to yours.


Blog Promotion

Search engines tend to prefer content that is new and unmatched. There really could be no better approach to furnishing continuous content other than with blog entries. Through blogging, you give Search Engines like Google, some quality content to be Indexed and you make chances to connect to those terrifically imperative Keywords to build your visibility on Search Engine rankings.

Moreover, there really isn’t a better way for an online content writer to express himself better than through blogging. Blogs always happen to be search engine friendly and are easily ranked on search engines due to their constantly revised and rich content. Our blog marketing strategies are strategically written so that your blog gets picked up by the search engine, and gets the top rankings in search.

There are several advantages of blog marketing, which people generally are not aware of.

Blogs tend to reach a larger audience because of their rich content.
Blogs can be used to allow efficient communication between you and your clients
They give out a professional vibe and develop an image of authority and control in the market.
They are effectively used to generate new and important content.
They can be used to pinpoint extra keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).
Blogs help in increasing recognition and popularity of your blog in the market.
It helps to attract a huge amount of internet traffic to your website


SEO Packages

By the help of our chartered professionals, we never fail to satisfy the needs of our valuable customers. Really Simple Marketing is the only company that offers you the cheapest SEO packages in the market. Due to our premium quality work and services, we are well-known for being able to develop a long term relation with our clients.

Our reasonable and well-planned packaged guarantee to give you the main page rankings in all search engines. Services like Link Building and Social Media Optimization are not overlooked, dissimilar to the packages offered by other advertising organizations.

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The table below describes all our SEO packages comprehensively.

Deliverables New Business Business Plus Advanced Corporate
Services Request a Quote Request a Quote Request a Quote Request a Quote
Targeted Number of Key Phrases 5 10 20 40
Search Engine Marketing Strategy Analysis FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE!
Detailed Site Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Design Modification/HTML Optimization
Keyword Research Analysis by Overture
Audit Ranking Report
Appropriate renaming of Page Titles
Content Composition / Revision / Modification (Content Optimization) 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages 40 Pages
URL re-naming 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages 40 Pages
Creation of XML Site Map 1 – 5 pages Website 6 – 10 pages Website 11 – 20 pages Website 21 – 40 pages Website
Meta Tags Composition & Upload 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages 40 Pages
Manual Submissions to top Search Engines 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages 40 Pages
Alt Tags Composition & Upload 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages 40 Pages
Press Release Submission
Ranking & Traffic Reports Monthly, 5 Key Phrases Monthly, 10 Key Phrases Monthly, 20 Key Phrases Monthly, 40 Key Phrases
Google Analytics
Manual Article Submission
Manual Submissions to Directories
Manual Submissions to Industry-Specific Search Engines and Directories
Social Bookmarking
Social Media Optimization
Blog Review
Competitor Analysis


Article Writing Packages

Really Simple Marketing is honored for providing the best and top-notch article writing and article submissions services to its clients ever since it came into existence. Our highly qualified and efficient professionals make sure to provide our customers with the most pleasant business experience.

Our affordable and customer friendly packages promise to provide you the first page rankings in search engines. Services like Link Building and Social Media Optimization are not ignored, unlike the packages offered by other marketing companies.

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The table below describes all our article writing packages comprehensively.


Business Plans Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Get Quotations Request a Quote Request a Quote Request a Quote Request a Quote
Article Writing 3 (350-400 words) 5 (350-400 words) 5 (350-400 words) 6 (350-400 words)
Article Submission 50 directories 80 directories 200 directories 400 directories
Press Release Writing 1 2 2 3
Press Release Submission 20 30 60 80
Pligg Submission 50 70 150 200
Scuttle Submission 25 50 100 150
Directory Submission 275 400 600 800
Feed Creation YES YES YES YES
Feed Submission 10 20 40 60
Blog creation NO 10 20 30
Ping the site in 9 pings 20 pings 30 pings 30 Pings
Competition Analysis NO NO Analysis and a report of the top 5 competitive websites Analysis and a report of top 7 competitive websites
Competition Link Building NO NO 1 (try to build link as your competitors!) 3 (try to build links as your competitors!)
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