Direct Mail Marketing – PIZZA BOX MARKETING

We believe that with an easily removable coupon, a pizza box can certainly prove to be a highly effective marketing instrument for your business.
Our imaginative and novel package advertisement products provide a pathway to our customers’ whereby their name will be introduced into houses and workplace. We can likewise create a wide range of food packaging that suits your needs including coffee mug publicizing. As far as our highly impacting marketing tools and services are concerned, we provide our customers the full flexibility of choosing from a wide range of options.

Direct Mail Marketing – Pizza Box Advertising (The entire outside of the case)

Pizza box publicizing is a dynamically exceptional technique to promote your image. With no additional charges, this option allows imprinting promotional material on the easily removable coupon spaces that are accessible on every pizza box. Moreover, we provide various options to fulfill all our client’s needs including Basic, Photo and Digital Photo printing with a glossy finish. Through the work of our highly qualified professionals and manufacturing facilities, we are well known for planning top-notch pizza box advertisement strategies that are unparalleled in terms of quality.

Coupons/Vouchers/Business Cards (The punctured business card size spaces on the front)

Quite recently, Coupons/Vouchers/Tokens/Business Cards have ended up being widely recognized as profoundly compelling sales tools for business. Not only a coupon will just make your brand more recognized, it will also encourage your potential customers to buy your products, leaving a memory in their mind. A coupon that is well designed, and focuses on a specific service or item, can help creating a short-term boost in traffic. One of the long-lasting consequences of coupon advertisement is the establishment of your brand’s awareness. Considering these facts, this is undeniably an ideal opportunity to start publicizing your brands through this method.

Direct Mail Marketing – Inside Box Lid Printing

We deliver our customer’s image/message your customer’s image/message all the way to the buyer’s dinner table. Inside top printing guarantees that your image stays in full view for the time span while the buyer is having the dinner.

Direct Mail Marketing – Inside Stickers

We are staunchly of the view that our customers carry all sorts of privileges when it comes to choosing the types of services they want. With a high gloss lamination, inside stickers work pretty much the same like inside box lid printing and provide your brand with a great amount of promotion.

Some interesting facts about Pizza

  • An average pizza shop uses approximately 400 pizza boxes every week. This is because pizza happens to be the favorite fast food of 97% of the buyers that are aged in between 18-45.
  • An average buyer buys at least one pizza every month and every year, more than 5 billion pizzas are sold.
  • Pizza is becoming the most popular eating style and is the fastest growing food in Asia
  • There are over 70 000 pizza shops in the United States
  • More than 4000 independent pizza shops are in Australia
  • Worldwide, there are 100,000 pizza brands.
  • 83% of all pizzerias offer home delivery
  • 93% of the consumers eat pizza


Postcards are a highly effective promotional tools. They can be utilized as flyers, pamphlets or item leaflets. Moreover, a postcard can also be used as a coupon in case discount offers are printed on them. In other words, Postcards are also said to be same as business cards, with the only difference being that they are larger in size, and effectively make your brand recognizable. Moreover, Postcards make it far easier for you to reach your target audience. They are far less expensive as compared to newspaper ads, and also are more likely to be saved by your consumers for future use.

Our team of highly skilled professionals will enable you to reach your target audience easily through the use of postcards. By planning out and executing a well-planned advertising campaign through postcards, your brand image will boost up in almost no time at all. With eye-catching designs, layouts, and strategically planned messages, our team will ensure that you get more than the amount of traffic that you really need.

Here are some benefits of using postcards:

  • Postcards are not expensive to be printed
  • Postcards can be reclaimed easily
  • Postcards do not cover much space
  • Your consumers are more likely to keep them safe for future consultation
  • Postcards won’t be obvious to your competitors so you can keep your marketing strategy a secret
  • Postcard advertisement is affordable


While it is common for businesses and brands to avoid offering discounts, from the fear of reducing profits, a great number of small businesses often rise up to great levels through offering great discounts which result in an increased traffic. This is because item and products on sale look quite attractive to consumers. There is no doubt in the fact that most people want to save their money and whenever they see a potential discount offer, they do not hesitate to check it out. In a recent survey, it was shown that the post visited the section on Amazon was ‘Today’s deals’ which is yet again, a manifestation of the fact that people everywhere and at all times are looking for ways to save their money. Offering discounts will hence ensure that your business or brand, gets the amount of attention that it deserves.
Our team at Very Simple Marketing will combine a mixture of Search Engine Optimization along with Social Media Marketing to effectively make your discount promotions work. Our customer’s satisfaction is our prime concern and this stimulates us to provide the best mixture of services.

Here are a few advantages of offering discounts

  • Offering discounts increase traffic up to great levels
  • It not only increases traffic but also increases sales significantly
  • It results in a good relationship between you and your consumers
  • Discounts often help in meeting sales target and actually end up bringing greater profits
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